Become A Beekeeper

Want to become a beekeeper?

Become a Beekeeper

You’re in the right place!

Many people become interested in beekeeping, but don’t know where to begin, myself included. I sent several years wanting to become a beekeeper, but lacked the knowledge and confidence to get started.

Now that I am a beekeeper my only regret is not starting sooner.

It is this experience, and seeing many other NewBees in the same position, that motivated me to begin NewBee University. The goal of NewBee University is to help guide individuals interested in becoming beekeepers through the process of establishing their first bee hive.

NewBee University strives to provide the instruction needed to get started in beekeeping in a clear and easy to follow way, without overwhelming new beekeepers with the immense amount of information that we know about honey bees and beekeeping.

Below are lessons that will get you started on your journey to becoming a beekeeper.

Prerequisites to becoming a beekeeper

12 Reasons to Become a Beekeeper

Lesson 1: Buying Bees

Lesson 2: Beekeeping Equipment

Lesson 3: Choosing Beehive Location

Lesson 4: Installing Bees


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